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Our story

Misr Travel is the national travel company of Egypt established in 1934 by the great economist Talaat Harb. It attains an official license No.01 and classified as one of the top ten ranking tour operators in Egypt and the Middle East. We are fully affiliated with home-based travel agents, all major travel and tourism associates around the world. Membership to such prestigious tourism fraternities is our firm commitment to our associates and clientele.

We believe in quality over quantity. Our people are ready to go the extra mile to ensure your total pleasure. We believe in personalized attention and little things that count the most. Our team of travel insiders is obsessed with finding the best things to do in every tour and packages from traditional tours to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we have something for every kind of traveler. Be it classic packages, family vacations, luxury holidays and Nile cruises or yachts packages.

Misr Travel incorporates a unique and golden experience into its top-notch services for every client. Our private and customized holidays are the epitome of creative travel expertise we attained over 83 years of travel experience and housing quality tours. With Misr Travel, you truly will experience travel like never; it's not just a holiday with us, it’s the ultimate lifetime travel experience packed in a customized travel itinerary.

Striving for excellence and settle for nothing less than the best, upholding the strict quality standard, surpassing customer satisfaction in every service and raising the performance bar by adopting innovative and contemporary approaches are our tickets to our customers.

Coming from a country of civilization, I have always believed in cultural tourism to be one of the limitless industries in Egypt. As the chairman of Misr Travel, I have honed the best of what our culture has to offer. 

I invite you to be a part of our adventure, to experience luxury and serenity perfected by the touch of our team. We have cherry-picked our patterning packages to provide you with the most vivid travel palette that Egypt offers. We thank you for trusting our team and giving us the opportunity to be a part of your stay in the beautiful land of Egypt. 

Vision & mission

Misr Travel strives for excellence and settles for nothing less than the best in Egypt and the Middle East. With that aim in mind, we continue to provide our guests and our travel associates with unique and the latest travel experiences. We maintain transparency in our dealings and deliver our worldwide clientele friendly and innovative travel solutions, showcasing all kinds of travel styles in the best way, contributing to the well-being of mankind and environmental care. We keep a strong relationship with our business partners ensuring that the expectations of both our partners and clients are always exceeded. Thus, we are ranked to be amongst the most responsible, preferred, and trusted organizations within the travel fraternity in the Middle East.

Our values

We celebrate our eighty years of housing quality tours in the travel industry. This makes us in constant pursuit of the development of our quality products and services to cater for the continuous change of travel styles and trends.  Thanks to deep connections among our team, travel consultants, handpicked guides and our suppliers, we create made to fit journey of a lifetime. The wide spread of more than 40 offices in big hotels and main cities in Egypt help manage every aspect of the tour journey with seamless 24/7 support while you travel. Maintaining transparency, delivering customer friendly solutions, showcasing all history and culture in the best possible way are our real core values. With the essence of uniqueness, We at Misr travel offer multiple holiday options call it CUSTOMER DELIGHT.

Our commitment

Misr Travel believes that every customer may enjoy the perfect vacation. Your vacation is no exception to this rule. We never forget that it’s your vacation, and it’s your right to enjoy it to the full and receive real value for your money. Therefore, we care about every little thing and go the extra mile to ensure and promise you an unforgettable lifetime experience. We are confident you’ll appreciate the incredible detail and unrivaled value of a Misr Travel from the time you contact us and throughout your vacation to your departure. Outstanding quality, top–notch service and value just waiting for you to enjoy with Misr Travel. Our multi-cultured and lingual team believes in a unilateral motto of delivering a unique travel experience of such distinction which supersedes customer satisfaction.

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