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Gratuities:- is excluded but recommended, it is in return of the service rendered to the guest as it became traditional in Egypt.

                    It is a kind of appreciation from the guest towards the staff who rendered the service.

                    Tipping is evaluated from the guest according to the quality of the service.

                    Here under the approximated tipping for each staff due to his job and responsibility and the service he rendered.

  1. The tour manger : 7.5—10 $ per person per transfer from / to airport or hotel or station Including portage.

                                        5 $ per person for dinner cruise or sound & light show.

  1. Other cities:  3—5 $ per person per transfer from airport or hotel or cruise or station.
  2. Cruise staff between Luxor & Aswan 3—5 $ per person per day.
  3. Guide: 5—10 $  per person per day.
  4. Driver: 2—5 $ per person per day or transfer.

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