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Nile cruise packages

Luxor - Aswan Nile Cruise

Cruising the Nile has long been seen as the most romantic way of visiting the monuments of Ancient Egypt. For visitors to Egypt one of the best ways to experience the Nile River in all its grandeur.

Long Nile Cruise Cairo Aswan

Experience the Ancient Egyptian Civilization Cruising the majestic River Nile from Cairo to Aswan

Lake Nasser Cruises

Cruising Lake Nasser allow you visiting a number of impressive monuments including Qasr Ibrim , Amadah Temple  , Abu simbel  and the Kalabsha, the Nubian temple .

Nile Dahabiya Cruises

A ‘dahabiya’ (yacht) is a sailing boat that affords a more private and elegant sailing experience upon the Nile. Dahabiyas are a stylish and often sumptuous way for the wealthy to travel at a leisurely pace.

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