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The Entity of The Ancient Egyptian Temple

Ancient Egyptians considered the temple is the house of God. They describe it using one phrase “Heaven on earth”.

The Entity of The Ancient Egyptian Temple

In the eyes of the Ancient Egyptians, the temple is the house of God. They describe it using one phrase “Heaven on earth”. So it is not the place where God lives, it is not the house where man lives, but it is the house where god temporarily living with us and we ought to enter seeking love and safety.

Therefore the temple was built to represent three Theories:

  1. The temple is a small replica of Egypt and the best way to see Egypt is to travel Egypt the Nile valley, so the two towers forming the façade of the temple represent the two rivers banks, and the river runs in between and the end of the delta.
  2. The temple represents the horizon of the cosmos. The story of the sun rises and sunset which is eternity. So it was built to last.  The two towers represent immediately the two mountains where the sun rises and sets in between.
  3. The temple represents the island of the creation, they believed that, in the beginning, there was nothing, but water, silence, darkness and suddenly there was a primordial mound, and egg-formed, from which a goose came out. The goose was white and that ended the darkness, she honks and its honking ended the silence, the ancient Egyptian went very surprisingly describes the honking of goose they said: " the goose said " Ga Ga " and we Egyptologist translated into " big bang " the creation sound and by light which is very scientific so the floor is earth, the ceiling is the sky, the walls,  the mountains, the columns are the flowers and trees, the lake which is natural formation of a spring  water and as we don't have water they built water, so the enclosure wall in mud which zigzag of waves on top of the waves concave and convex which represent the water of the beginning and the wall in mud because mud is the material of creation

Credit: Rabee Ammar

Photos: Atef Gomaa


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