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Why is Egypt so special holiday destination

Egypt is a must holiday destination. We have a wide range of suggested itineraries Featuring the main aspects of unique holiday trip. Contact us to craft a bespoke holiday itinerary.




Experience the grandeur of the Egyptian civilization

Nile Valley with its pharaonic treasures and its cultural metropolis of Cairo,

Cairo is a place of legends, a city where mosques and churches sit side by side. It is like no other city on earth. Cairo embodies 150 generations of history and is the inheritor of an unbroken civilization of more than 5000 years. pharaonic Egypt, dig deep into the pharaohs  lives, cultures and phenomenal knowledge of mummification, mathematics and astronomy. You will be intrigued by the sight of the pyramids and sphinx, the Egyptian museum where exhibits are too ancient and too fabulous to comprehend ,among these are the legacy of the boy king Tutankhamen discovered by Howard carter in his famous tomb in the valley of kings . You can also see historic buildings and market squares in old Cairo, fabulous Mamluk and Ottoman mosques, Christian churches, convents and khan el-khalili, the oldest bazaar in the world. A tailor made holiday to Egypt is not complete without a visit to the World Heritage listed city of Cairo.

Cruising the Nile has been long seen as the most romantic way of visiting the monuments of Ancient Egypt.

For Holiday seekers to Egypt, cruising the Nile is one of the best ways to experience the Nile River in all its grandeur aboard a 3/ 4 /7 night one /two way cruise. Setting sail from either Luxor or Aswan, with stops made at a number of impressive archaeological sites along the way with ease and comfort. Explore the sacred heart of Ancient Egypt: Luxor and west bank .Walk among the grand temples of Luxor and the magnificent columned halls of Karnak, the largest religious centre known to mankind. The spectacular valley of kings, the legendary treasures of Tutankhamen, mortuary temples of rulers such as Ramses II and Queen Hatshepsut. Continue your journey south to the temples of Edfu, kom ombo , majestic Philae temple and the awesome temple of Ramses II  in Abu simbel

Alexandria & Mediterranean coast: grandeur heritage and sandy beaches

Egypt’s legendary part of Alexandria has been at the crossroads of civilization through the human history .Explore Alexandria, the pearl of the Mediterranean and “Paris city of Antiquities” founded by Alexander the great. Alexandria continues to shine today, thanks to its oriental flair and deep historical, cultural and archeological heritage. It is famous  for its lighthouse  ,one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world, the Roman Catacombs, Amphitheater, Pompey pillar, Qaitbey citadel, Alexandria’s new library and  the Montazah palace, the residence of Khedive of Sudan and Egypt. .Along its coast ,in a famous village EL-ALAMEIN fought World War II by Montgomery for the Allies ,and Rommel for the Axis powers .This make Egypt is a must holiday destination .

2- RED SEA &SINAI - Marine paradise

Experience the adventure of the Egyptian Aquatic paradise

Egypt is the perfect antidote for the cold winter. Blessed with blue sky all the year round ,a pleasant temperature climate ,accessible within few hours direct from Europe ,fine sandy beaches stretching nearly 1500 km with coral reefs known for experienced divers as amongst the best in the world .Backed with holiday resorts with quality , affordable accommodation ,attractive markets in beachside holiday homes , fascinating bouquet of shopping ,sport and leisure activities in addition to spectacular desert mountains for trekking make Egypt is unique holiday destination . We invite you to come and enjoy the excitement, warm welcome of “Egypt’s Rivera “the red sea and Sinai

  • Hurghada : the cradle  of holiday tourism for swimming and diving
  • El Gouna : perfect holiday atmosphere with the turquoise-blue lagoon.
  • Marsa Alam &Port Ghalib: blessed with a rich abundance of unspoiled beaches and enchanting sea life.
  • Sharm El sheikh: pure pleasure and colorful activities under water and on land.
  • Dahab&Inland: relaxation in paradise for backpackers accessing adventure in south Sinai Mountains

Nuweiba &Taba : two ports for relaxation and recreation in the north of the Gulf of Aqaba.

3- DESERTS & OASES - Untamed Mystery

Experience the romance of the Egyptian desert

Surrounded by the sands of the sahara, Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra ,Bahariyya and Swia oases . Egypt,s  western desert and oases are the source of a rich mixture of experiences . Our holidays let you explore the nomadic culture and experience travel in the desert in Arabian style. Get accustomed to the Bedouins life and drift with your camel across the dunes and experience the herbal tea in the evening.

Egypt’s oases are different with unique characteristics for each:

  • Fayoum : Cairo,s front garden , a natural paradise ,Wadi –Al Hitan ,where you marvel at the gigantic skeletons of prehistoric whales and historical sites particularly the pyramids of Hawara and El lahun.
  • Dakhla : traditional loam architecture in front of spectacular rockdrop.
  • Kharga : once a caravan station, today a prosperous provincial center , the early cherstian necropolis Al Bagawat and the Hibis temple .
  • Bahariyya : palm groves ,spa waters and golden mummies.
  • Farafra: an island of green on the edge of the white desert.
  • Swia :Egypt,s westernmost oasis with baths ,lakes and legendary temples where the gods once blessed Alexander the great.

Egypt’s advantages are matchless as they are diverse: the pleasant mild temperature of air and sea, especially in winter, the hospitality and cheerfulness of its people, the year round sunshine the magnificent beaches, the diving and snorkeling resorts are second to none, reefs and aquatic life. The biblical mountains ,the romantic desert oasis and in between the fertile valley of the Nile packed with life and history .Egypt diverse and spiritual heritage ,Coptic and Muslim including churches ,convents ,mosques in addition to pharaonic temples and funerary complexes make Egypt an unforgettable holiday experience .

Based on the above, Egypt is a must holiday destination. We have a wide range of suggested itineraries

Featuring the main aspects of unique holiday trip. Contact us to craft a bespoke holiday itinerary.

Credit: Mansour Attia

Photos: Atef Gomaa



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