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Walking on the footsteps of Jesus through Egypt

Walking on the footsteps of Jesus through Egypt with Misr travel

 “Blessed be Egypt, my people “ (ISAIAH  19:25)

Egypt Is The Cradle Of The Human Civilization. On Its Land, The First Voice Of The Oneness Of God Rang Out In The 14th. Century Bc Through Akhnaton's Monotheistic Creed. Moses And Jesus Lived In The Same Land .later Islam Entered Without Conflict. The Advent Of The Holy Family To Egypt ,seeking Refuge From Herod Moved By The Spirit Of Prophecy, Hosa When He Uttered God’s Words. " Out Of Egypt Have I Called My Son”. (Hosea 11.1). The Prophecy Provided Us With A Divinely Inspired Prediction Of The Effect Of The Holy Infant On Egypt And The Egyptian. “ Behold ,the Lord Rides On A Swift Cloud And Will Come Into Egypt ,and The Idols Of Egypt Will Totter At His Presence And The Heart Of Egypt Will Melt In The Midst Of It ” (Isaiah 19:1 For Isaiah Goes On To Prophecy : “ In That Day There Will Be An Alter To The Lord In The Midst Of The Land And A Pillar To The Lord At Its Border. And It Will Be For A Sign And For Witness To The Lord Of Hosts In The Land Of Egypt. (Isaiah 19.19 &20)

According To The Tradition Of The Coptic Church, The Alter Mentioned Is That Of The Church Of Virgin Mary In Al –muharraq Monastery,a Site Where The Holy Family Settled For A Period Of More Than Six Months ; And The Alter Stone Was The Bed Upon Which The Infant Savior Lay .al Muharraq Monastery Is Located In The Midst Of The Land Of Egypt .as For “pillar At Its Borders” Which Will Be A Sign And A Witness Of The  Apostolic Church In Egypt Established By St Mark Himself In Alexandria .

The New Testament Records The Fulfillment Of These Old Testament Prophecies As They Unfold In Their Historical Sequence. “behold An Angel Of The Lord Appeared To Joseph In A Dream, Saying Arise, Take The Young Child And His Mother, Flee To Egypt And Stay Until I Bring You Word, For Herod Will Seek The Young Child To Destroy Him” . (Matthew 2:13) Joseph Complied And Fetched A Donkey For The Gentle Mother And The New Born Child. They Set Out From Bethlehem To Egypt. In Their Escape ,the Holy Family Had To Avoid The Beaten Tracks And To Pursue Unknown Paths Guided By God And His Angel ,enduring The Scorching Heat Of The Sun By Day, Bitter Cold Of Desert Nights, Wild Beasts And Savage Tribesmen .the All For Her Infant Allayed By The Faith That Infused Her With His Birth .at Last , They Arrived Safely For God Had Pre-ordained That Egypt Should Be The Refugee For The One Who Was To Bring The Message Of Peace And Love To Mankind

Mary and Joseph spent four years with Jesus in the” land of the Nile”. Their “flight to Egypt” has serves as a main inspiration for much Christian art. Many believers from all over the world still follow the holy family’s path from the eastern delta to Cairo, into Wadi el Natroun and up the Nile to the region of Mallawi and Asyut. The hiding and resting places of the three refugees and the numerous grand and Coptic churches and monasteries that were built in the sites where they sheltered worth a visit. Such pilgrim holiday imparts to each participant a lasting inspiration of Egypt’s rich cultural heritage from earliest Christian times.

Credit: Mansour Attia

Photos: Atef Gomaa


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