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The legend of Osiris

The story of Osiris, how was murdered by his wicked brother Seth because of his popularity and kindness

The way in which things, Gods and men created interested the Egyptians very much. Opinions about this were divided, theologians in various religious centers made theories to explain the creation of the world. The most important of Heliopolis Atom (Adam) the god of Heliopolis emerged from chaos, he mated with his hand and spat out the air and moisture (when we spit out we get the air and humidity) who married they gave us the sky and the earth, they married without permission from the creator (Atom) who sent his son the air God who separated the sky from the earth by lifting up the sky and filling up the whole space between them, the result of this marriage is two brothers (Osiris – Seth) and two sisters (Isis – Nephtys) each brother married to one of his sisters Osiris married to Isis and Seth married to Nephtys.

Osiris was the god of good doing, he had the love of everyone (his wife, the Egyptians) it was said he taught the Egyptians all what they knew about agriculture, sciences, art and medicine). He is often shown as a man with a beard, the color of his skin is sometimes black, the color of the pitch used to seal the mummy's wrappings, green because he was young when he is murdered (green man young man) the color of the plant life healing the first fruit of resurrection.

The story of Osiris, he was murdered by his wicked brother Seth because of his popularity Seth himself, he is known by many names (black pig – boar – the desert ass – leopard – hippopotamus and crocodile). These elements which never remain constant but always in motion ever shifting and changing, they are good symbols for Seth, because he is the God of disorder and chaos. When he killed his brother, he dismembered his body into pieces scattered them for and wide, and when his wife Isis knew the story, she took the form of vulture and began flying and looking for the scattered pieces (vulture flies for long distance, too high, cover a lot so she can cover the whole country in less than 24 hours speedy & lofty), she found all the pieces but his private because that member eaten by the pieces which represent the last sign of Zodiac (the death of winter and the birth of spring which is a new life) because when she put the pieces back, she gave him life by fanning over his face and crying, one of her tear drops came on his body and gave him the life.

As a vulture, she descended on him and received the seed but because he lost his private his physical body cannot produce, she made a replica made of gold (which is a new life). She joined her husband in sexual union and gave birth to his son Hours. According to one of the copy of the legend Isis gave life to her son through a virgin birth (the story of Jesus and virgin Marry.                                     



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