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Family Friendly Egypt


Family Friendly Egypt



Planning a family holiday is one of the most difficult decisions for parents. They should use a destination that meets every family member's desire and be packed with child-friendly hotels, sightseeing, enriching activities and opportunities to meet local kids. Egypt is the perfect combination of History, natural serenity and adventure for a family holiday with children of all ages. It has centuries of history, an endless selection of museums together with Nile cruises and beach activities with quiet waves where families can soak into the warm sun and forget about the stresses of school and work. Customize a holiday just for your family; choose the hotels that meet your needs, arranging exciting activities you love and leave the ones you don’t. We include with every tailor-made holiday most or all of the following:

The treasures of pharaohs

Cairo, Africa's largest metropolis and mother of all cities form a focal point of ancient Egyptian culture.  To be sure, each traveler must first make a pilgrimage to the great pyramids of Giza, the last remaining of the seven ancient wonders of the world. The most notable of Giza pyramids' visit is the camel or horseback riding like the locals. You can also delve inside the pyramids and trace their steps where the pharaohs went to meet their gods. A visit to the solar boat museum and the enigmatic Sphinx, the enlightening sound & light show will provide an unforgettable glimpse of the unique culture of the pharaohs. Marvel at the royal ancient necropolis in Sakkara, the biggest cemetery, to see the step pyramid of Djoser and some other tombs. Continue your exploration and tour Memphis where you can see the oldest capital of Egypt, as well as the famous Pyramids of King Senfru, Red and Bent Pyramid in Dahshur. Discover the legacy of Ancient Egypt’s kings like Ramses, Nefertiti and Tutankhamen and places like Luxor, Valley of the Kings, and the temples scattered along the Nile from Luxor to Aswan, Abu Simbel, in addition to the desert oasis of Siwa. Egypt is generous with its riches. These iconic sites make Egypt a perfect destination for family holidays.

Modern Egypt hot attractions

No Egypt tour is complete without a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. With over 120,000 artifacts, the priceless treasures of King Tutankhamen, the gilded coffin and death mask enclosed for over 3500 years in his tomb before it discovered by Howard Carter 1920. Those with a stronger stomach can visit The Royal mummies room featuring the mummies of nine kings including Ramses II. When in Cairo, it is basically impossible to miss the Salah El-Din Citadel, once a stronghold against the Crusader. Explore this ancient fortress and marvel at its brilliant domed ceilings, suspended lights, and commanding views of Cairo. The citadel houses the Alabaster mosque of Muhammad Ali.  Stroll into the winding alleys of Khan el Khalili bazaar, the most interesting souks (open-air marketplaces) that have hardly changed for centuries.  Complete your exploration by visiting Old Cairo where you will enjoy, the Hanging Church, Ben Ezra synagogue, Church of St. Barbara, and Church of Abu Serga. Visit the pearl of the Mediterranean and Paris city of antiquities (Legendary Alexandria) with its unique atmosphere that is more Mediterranean than the Middle East and discover the Roman Catacombs, Amphitheater, Pompey pillar, Qaitbey citadel, and the new library. Visit the Montazah Palace, the residence of Khedive of Sudan and Egypt. Visit legendary lighthouse –the pharos. It was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

This rich history with its multiple facets makes Egypt is the ultimate holiday destination for a family with children.

Nile & Lake Nasser Cruises

Cruising the Nile has long been seen as the most romantic way of visiting the monuments of Ancient Egypt. The family with teens can cruise down the tranquil Nile River while enjoying the comforts of a five-star luxury river cruiser. If you are traveling with your family, it’s convenient to upgrade to a private Egyptologist guide. This means you can customize your journey to your needs, at your own pace with the total attention and intimate knowledge from your guide along the trip. Cruise from 3 to 7 nights along the Nile River with your expert local guide including visits to the scattered treasures along the famous shores of the Nile. Discover the majestic Philae island, UNESCO World heritage, great temples of Kom Ombo, Edfu, Luxor and Karnak temple, the largest temple known to man. The highlight of your cruise visits is the intact legacy of the boy King Tutankhamen, the gilded coffins and death mask enclosed for over 3500 years in his tomb before it discovered by Howard Carter 1920and Ramses” the sixth” in the Valley of Kings. A romantic alternative for adventurous is the overnight journey on board a felucca, a traditional sailing boat from Aswan down the Nile. Another is the opportunity to take a cruise on Lake Nasser, pay visits to some highly interesting ancient temple complexes, first and foremost of which is Abu Simbel. Nile cruise is an experience no traveler should miss. Follow the steps of Agatha Christie when she wrote her story “Death on the Nile”


Red Sea & Sinai

Bask in the sun in the Red Sea Riviera private sandy beaches in Sharm El sheik and Hurghada and enjoy some of the best family activities in Egypt. Thanks to the year-round sun shine, sandy beaches, warm temperature of the water, in addition to the underwater glories of coral and marine life. Red sea resorts became one of the world's top diving destinations that offer many options for family activities, ranging from swimming, snorkeling, fishing, diving and visiting the world’s largest aqua-culture museum.



It is considered the cradle of holiday tourism on the west coast of the Red sea. Its coastline is peppered with lodging options of all categories and price ranges. Hurghada offers a wide choice in gastronomy, water sports of all its sorts, golf courses, in addition to the endless silence of the desert. It really is a paradise for anyone with an appreciating of the underwater world.

El Gouna – the Venice of the Red sea stress –free, pampered holidays or entire winters in the city of lagoons.

It offers a wide choice of luxury accommodations and endless opportunities for outdoor activities. It combines the known hospitality and allure of the East with the luxury conveniences of the West, making it the ideal year-round retreat. Families with teenagers will appreciate the gentle waters of El Gouna’s protected lagoons while the sun seekers and active travelers can enjoy water sports, diving, snorkeling, wind and kite surfing. Travelers looking to experience Arab life can arrange for desert safaris (by camel or jeep), and those interested in history and culture can arrange for guided tours to Cairo, including the Great Pyramids at Giza, the Valley of the Kings, and the Temple at Karnak.

 Marsa Alam & Port Ghalib

Located at the southernmost part of the Red Sea coast Blessed with a rich abundance of unspoiled beaches and enchanting sea life. The coast there is scattered with luxury and budget all-inclusive hotels that satisfy everyone's budget with its own airport. For travelers looking to holiday there, it's all about peace, tranquility, and diving, it’s rated from professional and experienced divers as one of the top dives in the world. Port Ghalib, the latest flagship project and an artificial arm extending out to sea are known for its yachting club and harbor boasting World-class facilities. This top-class holiday resort is positioned itself as a central hub for water sports in this part of the Red Sea.


Renowned for its unpolluted atmosphere, black sand-dunes and Mineral springs (wellness & spa)

It is said to be one of the most important therapeutic tourist centers. Special medical researchers have proved it is best locations in the world for curing psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis due to the specific characteristics of this region like unpolluted atmosphere, black sand-dunes, and mineral springs. A favorites water sports destination for windsurfers, kite surfers and scuba divers. It also makes a perfect base for sightseeing visiting a Bedouin village, four-wheel drive or ride your own quad bike out into the landscape and riding in the Egyptian desert on a camel, sure to become a lifelong memory.

El Quseir

impressive marine life

It is extremely diverse with abundant virgin coral gardens. Unobstructed opportunities to spot tropical marine life in crystal clear waters, ranging from shallow patch reefs sharks and dolphins. Your diving holiday can include a collection of some of the most interesting wrecks you are likely to find anywhere. the coral reefs at Al-Quseir are extremely diverse with scattered pinnacles, tunnels, chimneys, and caves waiting to be explored and the sheer variety of coral growth is astonishing. The marine life is just impressive with countless varieties of fishes. It’s clear this is one of the best diving locations in the Red sea, if not in the world.


the tourist center in the south Sinai mountains

is world-renowned for its golden beaches and windsurfing. Stable winds and weather provide superb flat-water conditions inside Dahab's sand spit. kite surfers, SCUBA diving, free-diving, and snorkeling are interesting and popular activities with many reefs adjacent to waterfront hotels. The Ras Abu Gallum National park is breathtakingly magnificent. Blue Hole and Canyon (a twisting canyon filled with multi-hued red stone) are internationally famous dive spots. Dahab also combines land activities included jeep, quad bike trips, cycling, horse, camel riding, in addition to Mount Sinai, where Moses received Ten Commandments, at the foot of which lies the legendary Saint Catherine's Monastery is a popular tourist destination.

Nuweiba & Taba

Two ports for relaxation and creation in the North of the Gulf of Aqaba, Nuweiba is known for its fine sandy beaches with wonderful multi-colored reefs.  Taba Heights a resort adjacent to the international borders offers quality golf courses and fine dining options. Both Nuweiba and Taba have excellent hotel resorts together with sports activities above and below water for active holiday seekers. In addition to a wide variety of guided camel and desert tours. Adventure

 Adventure deep into the desert; safaris to Western Desert oases, the stunning Great Sand Sea desert and the Sinai desert are engrossing adventures. A desert safari takes you through an endless stunning range of desert landscapes coupled with scenic sunsets and starry night skies. Rev your engine; quad biking in the Eastern Desert is a rush. Hiking the mountains of Sinai is a gripping experience.

Camping in the White Desert is surreal. Discover the unexpected; diving from the coasts of Egypt constantly unravels underwater treasures and an abundance of undersea life. You can choose to go for German submarine and Napoleonic era warship wreck dives, coral reef diving in the Red Sea or explore underwater ruins in the Mediterranean that date back from the golden age of the pharaohs up to the reign of Cleopatra. If you don't care to dive, but would still love to get wet, harness the wind! Kite-surfing in Safaga is adrenaline-packed fun. See our collection of adventure itineraries and attractions to start planning your very own adventure in Egypt. Get an overview of the attractions that will get your thirst for discovery quenched or your adrenaline pumping. Whether you choose to sail the Nile or go horseback riding across the mountains of Sinai, adventures in Egypt are spellbinding.

Nature Exploration

Dominated by a harsh, unforgiving but beautiful desert and divided by the world’s longest river, nature travel in Egypt is something beautiful to experience. Sustain Egyptian nature reserves; stay in eco-lodges, visit Egypt’s National Parks and look for other ways to help. Nature travel in Egypt helps ecotourism thrive and set sustainable standards so that generations to come can enjoy the same natural wonders.

The pace of life for over 6000 years of civilization depends on the Nile River which is the only source of water in Egypt. The river also deposits fertile soil from the heart of Africa along its banks, which keeps the land rich for farming.

The combination of the Nile River, the Western and Sinai deserts and oases make Egypt a wonderful place to explore nature and see firsthand a delicate balancing act millions of years in the making.

This comprehensive combination, Ancient pharaohs heritage, modern hot attractions, profound spiritual heritage, Nile River cruising, Red sea aquatic paradise and natural exploration of deserts &oases make Egypt is the perfect destination for family holidays.

Credit: Mansour Attia

Photos: Atef Gomaa


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