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Egypt is Magical... The feeling is real when you’re here.

When you explore Egypt's world-famous historical sites, walk the golden sandy beaches with fabulous ocean views that span across the Mediterranean, cruise down the Nile, hike Mount Catherine trail, breathe the crisp Red Sea air, or explore the home of some of the best coral reefs to be found. The magic is intangible, but you’ll swear that the magic is all around you. Read More ...

Cairo Ranks

#1 in Best Places to Visit in Africa & The Middle East by U.S. News & World Report.

Vistors flock to Egypt's capital to explore the wonders of the ancient world, following the footsteps of the pharaohs. But there are two sides to Cairo; the city's residents. embrace Their history and rejoice in their progress. The ancient pyramids of Giza, Dahshur and Saqqara fight with the trendy bars of the Zamalek and Heliopolis neighborhoods for spotlight. The only way to get a true sense of Cairo is to take the old with the new. Select and book your day tour now.

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